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XM Series

With it's 8 key patented technologies the XM is designed from the ground up to maximise the retailer's profitability by increasing sales and reducing costs.

  • Colour touch screen operator display for simple set up and ease of use
  • Large colour customer display for advertising and promotions to increase sales
  • Unique ValuMax self levelling technology which can re-coup costs equivalent to the purchase price of the scale
  • Patented CodeChecker feature which helps ensure barcodes are always printed correctly reducing checkout lines
  • Wide, attractive labels with graphic printing to reduce label costs
  • For better trained and connected staff, video training, counter layouts and on-board web brower

With XM, extra comes as standard.

IM Series

The IM Series focuses on the essentials that retailers told us they wanted from a counter service scale.

  • Pure: The IM series contains just what’s needed in a counter service scale for today’s modern retailer. The latest technology, easy back office integration, environmentally sound and great design. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Simple: Simple to use, simple to install, simple to connect Plug it in, set it up and it goes.
  • Effective: Effective for your customers, your staff and for you. It’s a business tool that provides you with real, tangible benefits.

XS Series

The Xs series of system scales may be used in stand-alone mode or linked together to form departments networks; in addition, the different departments can be linked together and connected

to a back office computer, to form store-wide, centrally managed networks.
The scales can operate in a number of different modes, printing individual labels for each item or combining the shoppers’ items together and printing a single receipt.

M Series

The new M series retail system scales and printers feature M2 technology for faster operation, better customer service and reduced ownership costs.

New features include:

Enhanced dot matrix graphic displays
Market-leading print speed of up to 150 mm per second 
Standard memory for approx 3,000 PLUs, expandable up to 10,000 PLUs
Email alerts of printer or network problems 
Asset tracking for easy management of your scale network and reduced maintenance costs
Fully flexible Product Traceability system, for compliance with any legal requirements

M Squared Brochure
M200Brochure.pdf (364.58KB)
M Squared Brochure
M200Brochure.pdf (364.58KB)